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Film yourself explaining your idea of G-d, or answering the questions below:

Tell us your name, where you are from and your age. Then tell us your thoughts about G-d and Judaism!

Having trouble coming up with something to talk about on your own? Instead, answer these interview questions:

  • Do you believe in G-d? Why or why not?
  • Do you remember a time when you felt the presence of G-d? Or the absence of G-d?
  • Do you identify with a particular movement in Judaism?
  • Does G-d matter in Jewish identity?
  • If you could be G-d for a day, what would you do?
  • How do you live your Jewish life? What does Jewish spirituality mean to you?
  • Anything else you could like to say?

Upload your video to YouTube. Then enter the video URL in the contact form below. If your video is already on YouTube, submit the video URL.

We will review your submission and post it on this site.

You can also click here to email us and we can arrange for Skype interviews for The G-d Project for you or your congregation.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit only one video under five minutes in length.

  • Keep it clean
    We want everyone to feel free to share their beliefs and understanding about G-d, no matter what they may be. This is a family friendly site, so please refrain from using foul language or language that may be considered hurtful by those who may not share your beliefs.
  • Title and tag your video
    Use the title “The G-d Project” and include your name and location – ex: “The G-d Project: Chava in Detroit”.
    Use tags to describe your video so that other people can find it; ex: “God is love” or “atheist Jew” or “Jewish kabbalist”.  Feel free to choose a tag from the following list that is most appropriate to your message in your video: Transcendence, Knowledge, Reflection, Kindness, Severity, Beauty, Eternity, Submission, Foundation, Dwelling
  • Good sound is important.
    If no one can hear it, no one will watch it. Make sure to shoot in quiet environments and project your voice.
  • Don’t backlight.
    Make sure light is on your face and not behind it — i.e. don’t sit in front of a bright window.
  • Watch it before you send it!
    This will help make sure everything looks good and is working correctly (sound, lighting, etc.).

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