Erica Steen: Free Will & The Big Plan

Erica Steen talks about her feelings on the concept of Free Will and what her view of what The Big Plan might be.

Filmed at Washington, DC JCC. Visit us at

Moshe Hecht: I Am Asleep, But my Heart Is Awake…

Even when we are not aware of it, we are connected with G-d.

Erika: Recognizing God

Erika talks about natural gratitude and recognizing God.

Moshe Hecht: Taste And You Will See…

“Taste and you will see that G-d is good.” Take a taste!

Erika: Create Positive Change With Judaism

Erika talks about our ability to create positive change using Jewish traditions.

Erika: Engage The Unfamiliar

Erika talks about engaging those in your community, in a genuine way.

Patrick Aleph: Judaism as an Ideal

PunkTorah director Patrick Aleph talks about Judaism and its reality in daily life.

Filmed in Athens, Georgia.

Moshe Hecht: G-d Is Here Right Now

“G-d is infused in every single thing in life.” G-d is inherent.

Erika: Black, Gay, and Jewish

Erika speaks about being black, gay, and Jewish. Check out

Patrick Aleph: Shema On Stage

Patrick Aleph, director of PunkTorah, connects to God through the Shema…in his rock band.

Filmed in Athens, Georgia.