Joan and Jim: Feeling Connected

Joan and Jim from North Carolina relate God to the idea of being connected.

Filmed at Lake Norman Jewish Congregation.

Gail: God Is All Around

God is all around us, says Lake Norman Jewish Congregation member Gail.

Paula: Having Faith That Things Work Out

Paula related God to the idea that things will work out, no matter what.

Rabbi Michael Shields: God is the Question

Rabbi Michael Shields relates God to being a Reform rabbi: allowing for questions in tradition and faith.

Debra: Repairing The World

Going from God to godliness: how we as a people must repair the world (tikkun olam)

Arlene: God Is Expressed in Our Kindness

Filmed at Lake Norman Jewish Congregation.┬áThe G-d Project is the world’s first social media platform dedicated to Jewish spirituality. We bring God back to the conversation.

Itai: God is Community

Israel-born Itai sees God as community, and not the supernatural.

Filmed at Lake Norman Jewish Congregation.

Sarah: God Looked Like A Pirate!

Sarah’s concept of God is a pirate!

Filmed at Lake Norman Jewish Congregation.

Lake Norman Jewish Congregation

This weekend we were in Davidson, NC just north of Charlotte for an amazing Shabbat with the Lake Norman Jewish Congregation, a progressive Reform community that invited us to film some great interviews with their volunteers and congregants. We enjoyed an amazing concert by Israeli world jazz musician Amir Gwirtzman (who we hope to get an interview with for PunkTorah). It was also a special treat as rabbi Michael Shields and his lovely bride-to-be Jacqui were honored for their upcoming wedding.

Pictures and video coming soon, but we had such a great time that we couldn’t help but blog about it!

Over and out,

-Patrick and Anna