Rabbi Eliezer Garner: New Ways To Understand Old Ideas

Rabbi and DJ Eliezer Garner on understanding an old God concept in new, exciting ways.

Bram Bessoff From Shabbat Rocks About Not Taking The Bible Too Literally

“The best thing I learned about taking a derech torah class was that I shouldn’t take the Bible too literally” says drummer and promoter from Shabbat Rocks, Bram Bessoff.

Filmed at Limmud Atlanta + Southeast.

Rabbi Menachem Cohen’s Negative Theology (The G-d Project)

Rabbi Menachem Cohen on the diversity of God: God as a verb, a noun, consciousness, separate intelligence…and none of the above. Filmed at Mitziut Jewish Community. The G-d Project is the world’s first social media platform dedicated to Jewish spirituality. We bring God back to the conversation. www.theg-dproject.org.

Ezra Shanken On God, Jewish Communal Work and Being God For A Day

Jewish professional Ezra Shanken on God as the inner voice, his Jewish communal work and what it would be like to be God for a day.

God as a Father Figure & Living With Graves Disease

Kehila Magazine founder Tali Adina talks about God as a father figure and living with Graves Disease.

Video submitted via Skype

Jewish Urban Farming and the Search for Meaning

Interviewing volunteers and leaders of The Gan Project, a Jewish urban farming initiative in Chicago, about God and suffering the worst kind of pain possible: the early loss of a parent.