Daphna Stadig: God Has Nothing to Do with It!

Daphna Stadig discusses her faith – not black, not white, not even shades of gray, there’s a lot of resilience in faith.

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Lisa Sarasohn: On Being a Spiritual Pragmatist

Lisa Sarasohn talks about the old saying “they came, they tried to kill us, they failed, let’s eat” and how it relates to 40 years in the desert.

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Daphna Stadig: I’ll Have God’s Secretary Set Up an Appt. With Him

Daphna Stadig talks about the laws and commandments, and her relationship with God.  Visit us at www.theg-dproject.org

Debbie Braymer: Reach Inside and Pull Out…Moses?

Debbie Braymer talks about what people as a society have become and how people need to pull more out of themselves; the goals and attributes needed to take the time to re-evaluate. Filmed at Congregation Beth Israel in Portland, Oregon. www.bethisrael-pdx.org

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Lisa Sarasohn: What Does My Rabbi Believe?

Lisa Sarasohn wonders about theology and belief in God within Judaism and within the Reform movement.

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